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You can travel stress-free with our Annual travel insurance. We cover big family holidays, city breaks, long weekends and even those last-minute work trips. With Annual travel insurance, you’ll save time and money.

Our Annual travel insurance is designed specifically with frequent travellers in mind. With our multi-trip travel insurance, there’s no need to buy separate insurance each time you travel, since cover is provided for all the eligible trips you take during the year. We can provide worldwide travel cover protecting you across the globe or more local cover if you're only heading to Europe.

How it

With Annual TUI travel insurance from Allianz Partners, you can adapt the cover so it’s right for you. Our multi-trip insurance is designed for frequent travellers, so you’ll have cover for as many trips as you like, up to 21 days in duration over a 12-month period.

You can buy cover for European or Worldwide travel cover (either including or excluding the USA and Canada), depending on your plans. Your policy can be extended to include up to 17 days Winter sports cover throughout the year, ready for those active winter getaways.

When you take out one of our Annual holiday insurance policies, you have the choice to get covered straightaway or delay your start date by up to 31 days. Plus you don’t need to tell us you’re going away, so there’s one less thing to worry about!


Our insurance policy provides cover for:

Cancelling or cutting short your trip
Emergency medical and associated expenses
Loss of passport
Delayed personal possessions
Lost, stolen or damaged personal possessions
Loss of money
Personal accident cover
Missed departures
Delayed departures
Personal liability
Legal expenses
For full T&Cs see our policy documentation


Medical condition upgrade
(may be needed to cover your pre-existing medical condition)
Winter sports cover
(for when you’re hitting the slopes)
Excess waiver upgrade
(to remove the policy excess deduction from any claim)
Sports & leisure upgrade
(for higher risk activities beyond our standard cover)
Enhanced cancellation cover
(up to either £3,000, £5,000, £7,500 or £10,000)
Enhanced personal possessions cover (up to either £2,000 or £3,000)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does annual travel insurance work?

Jet-off whenever you like with our Annual travel insurance, because you’ll have cover for unlimited trips that last up to 21 days (over a 12-month period). There’s no obligation to tell us when you’re going away either, so you can pack your bags knowing you already have cover in place.

You can choose the area of cover that’s most appropriate for your travel plans, from Europe-only to one of our Worldwide options. You can also adapt your cover by purchasing one of our upgrades.

How much is annual travel insurance?

If you’re planning more than one holiday this year, you can save money by taking out one Annual travel insurance policy, rather than buying multiple Single Trip policies.

Our yearly travel insurance will save you time too, because you’ll have cover for the year – no matter how many holidays you take.

You can choose to start your cover straightaway or – if you don’t need your cancellation cover to start immediately – you can defer your start date by up to 31 days. Get a quote today to see exactly how much your policy will cost.

Should I buy annual multi-trip travel insurance?

If you’re taking more than one trip this year, then our Annual multi-trip travel insurance could be a great choice for you. The more trips you make on the policy, the better value it becomes.

Remember if you’re only taking your trips within Europe, then you can save more money by taking out cover for European destinations only. If you’re travelling further afield, our Worldwide Travel Insurance will have you covered.

Plus, we offer discounts for families on your yearly holiday insurance. If you’ve got some high adrenalin activities planned, you can add the Sports and activities upgrade to your travel insurance policy. This will allow you to be covered every time you take off with our Annual travel insurance.

Can I get annual travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions?

Our policies exclude cover for claims relating to pre-existing medical conditions, unless they have been declared to and accepted in writing by our medical team. Our team will be able to advise whether or not cover can be provided for your condition.

In some cases, an additional medical upgrade premium may be needed. There is no need to declare your medical conditions each time you travel, although you should let us know if there are any changes in your medical condition or medication.